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Weddings, Holiday Parties, and Corporate Events…

Which ever you’re organizing, providing entertainment for the guests that appeals to everyone is a challenge, especially when children are likely to be among the attendees. A kind of balance is needed. We want the adults to feel relaxed, enjoying the party or event as the adults they are, and we want the children safe, entertained and having fun. However, most parents end up having to watch their children making sure they’re safe and aren’t getting into trouble during an event or party. This distracts parents from the festivities, and the children don’t feel they are free to enjoy themselves, diminishing the experience for everyone. So, what’s the solution?

The solution most Ponte Vedra parents are seeking out has become the most popular event service among young parents today. Agency provided Childcare Event Services. I know that’s a mouthful, but it’s truly very simple and so worth it. Nanny Agencies are perfect for large events because they are organized and supervised by childcare industry professionals that require their nannies to be screened and certified with first-rate skills and remarkable experience. You can rest assured that the children are protected and superlatively entertained. Some nanny agencies even provide the games and activities themselves, even arriving early to set up the play area.

Here’s what to do: Choose a local Nanny Agency that offers event services, and let them take care of it all. I recently hosted a Christmas party for friends and family, most of us having little ones. I sough out a Nanny Agency and they excelled far beyond what I had expected. My house is right on Ponte Vedra Beach. They got there 30 minutes early to set up the back yard with horseshoes, a matted area with baby toys, and a table set up for coloring, arts & crafts and board games. My Kensington Nanny Agency & Home Services did the job right. I would recommend them a hundred times over. They are recommended as and considered to be the top choice in Premium Nanny Services in South Florida, and now they’re in North Florida too! One of the placement coordinators I was working with told me that they have just recently opened in Jacksonville and are providing services to Duval and St. Johns. Here’s the Link to their website. Believe me, compared to other nanny services in Jacksonvile I’ve used, My Kensington Nanny stands above them all.